Sophia Bustin
I don't know either

Artist's statement


Sophia's(1995) artwork consists of visual objects, writings and poetry trying to disclose the tension between adaptation, personal development and productivity in regard to society. 

'During my time at art school I realized that I needed to develop a deeper understanding about art, psychology and the cultural field. I began studying Philosophy and Art History at Leiden University and started researching adaptation and productivity in human behaviour. In 2018 I took an academic-sabbatical to deepen my awareness. I came to the realization that adaptation and productivity in my own day to day life are represented by structures of interpretation coming from my thoughts. Hence the slogan of my art practice; 'I don't know either''

By connecting authentic forms of fine art, such as oil paint, with a strong emotional, subliminal sphere Sophia (1995) creates a space where thoughts can linger and develop in the realm of the intuitive. Emotions adapt to rationality and vice versa. Her works are triggered and inspired by psychological and philosophical frameworks and cultural behaviorism. She has exhibited throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium, attended conferences and did extensive research on her fields of interests. Sophia is currently working on projects regarding spheres, representation, adaptation and productivity.

'Sophia Bustin wil als filosoof en kunstenaar duiden hoe de onzekerheid over de ander kan bestaan naast de dagelijkse vanzelfsprekendheid van onszelf... Ze toont hoe we onze innerlijke chaos omhullen met een passende jas, ieder een eigen gezicht naar de buitenwereld.' 

- Museum IJsselstein

‘As an artist I’ve always had the desire to connect deeply. These feelings made me believe that I couldn’t maintain a sense of fulfillment in our society. How could I know that what I was feeling was part of an ‘outer brain thinking experience’. Not necessarily chained by visions of humanity. I knew there was more to it. Intuitive science plumped upon me in a vivid thought. I had become my heartbeat and my brain. I felt the structures of society and it all became one. I became the trees and the lightning. For milliseconds I felt completely understood. Followed by a massive silence.’ – Sophia Bustin

‘I don’t know either.’ – Sophia Bustin

‘Artworks bring on discussions. Every discussion is a life. There are so many lives in art.’ – Sophia Bustin